Expert Witness Services

Climbing Wall Management’s partners possess the skills, background, and specialized certifications which make them uniquely qualified to serve as your experts in litigation. You can expect valuable, unbiased litigation support and expert testimony in all areas of artificial climbing wall operation. We can assist you with the following services:

    Preliminary Forensics and Analysis
      Accident analysis.
      Identifying the merits of your case based on climbing wall industry practices and common use.

    Pre-trial Assistance
      Analyzing depositions, interviews, and opposing expert testimony.
      Comparing actual practices to industry standards and common practices.

    Expert Testimony
      Provide professional, articulate, and credible expert testimony.
      Prepare easily understood exhibits for use at trial.
      Provide expert rebuttal of the opposition’s experts and analysis.

    We have years of practical experience in the artificial climbing wall industry and have provided critical expert advice in a number of legal cases.
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Operational Consulting

Climbing wall operation is complex and involves walking a fine line between risk management and accessibility.  Our goal is to create a balanced solution that recognizes the unique needs of your facility and customers.

     New Wall Consulting
    Do you have a new climbing wall and don’t know where to begin? A climbing wall is not simply another piece of fitness equipment.   Proper operation is unique and complex with risks not found in other parts of your facility. The tendency is to over-restrict the users for fear of an accident.  We can teach your staff to operate the climbing facility to industry standards thereby minimizing your risk while maintaining an open, accessible wall for your climbers.

    General Operations Review
    Have an existing wall with low use?   Not sure if your safety policies and procedures are up to industry standards? In our general operation review we'll take a look at your existing operation and make recommendations to enhance efficiency, usability, and safety.
Additional areas of expertise
    Climbing wall design
    Management recruiting and training
    Customer database design and use
    Risk management assessment
    Accessibility concerns
     Climbing Wall Association's industry practices
    Equipment recommendations
    Start-up and business plans


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